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Honey is a sweet liquid that is produced by bees from the nectar of flowers and stored in honeycombs. Honey is made up of simple sugars that can be used by the body for energy and the minerals found in honey make it a natural preservative.

There are numerous sources for honey. The nectar that bees collect from a variety of flowers is used to make honey. They typically seek out the sweetest, most plentiful nectar in trees or fields. Around a single colony, they collect nectar from a vast area of at least 6000 acres. They will gather nectar from any flower they can find, regardless of whether it is a poisonous weed or one of your favourite flowers.

Honey comes from many sources. Honey is made fom nectar that bees collect form a variety of flowers. They generally go after the most prolific, sweetest nectar in the fields aor in trees. They collect nectar from a wide are, at least 8000 acres, around a single colony location.

They don't care whether the flower is a noxious weed or your favorite blooms, they get their nectar from whatever they find. First thing in the spring they get nectar from maple trees and and pussy willows. Other early blooms including dandelions, Russian Olives and honeysuckle. A busy on a sunflower. I have bees next to several acres of sunflowers



Forest honey exporter in india


Raw honey export in india


Forest honey exporter in india


Raw honey export in india


Forest honey exporter in india


Forest honey exporter in india


Source For Honey for Bees

Honey bees must consume pollen and nectar from a variety of flowers which are Source For Honey in order to generate honey. Gardens and fields with a diversity of flowering flora are attractive to honey bees.

Many flowering plants produce pollen, which resembles fine dust. One of nature's cleanest and richest diets, pollen contains all the nutrients a honey bee needs, including sugar, carbs, protein, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. A pleasant liquid called nectar is present in flowers. Honey is produced by honey bees from nectar they collect and this honey is used by us to give you the best natural honey products.

Honey is the primary food source for honey bee larvae, although larvae that are selected to become future queens will be fed royal jelly. A white fluid made by young, female worker bees is known as royal jelly. Pollen and chemicals from worker bee glands make up this substance. Along with B vitamins, royal jelly also contains reproductive boosters, various medications, and dietary supplements. During the first few days of larval development, workers and drones are fed royal jelly, while potential queen larvae eat royal jelly the entire time.

Milkweed, dandelions, clover, goldenrod, and various fruit trees are just a few of the flowering plants that honey bees acquire pollen and nectar from. Only workers hunt for nourishment, drinking as much nectar as they can from each blossom. After foraging, honey bee workers go back to the hive and give the nectar they have gathered to another worker. This worker keeps the nectar on her tongue until it turns into honey due to evaporation. The honey is then kept in one of the hive's cells.

How We Get It To Your Home?

A hive will typically produce roughly 55 pounds of extra honey per year from natural Sources Of Honey. Beekeepers gather the honeycomb frames and remove the wax coating that bees create to seal off the honey in each cell to harvest it. The frames are put in an extractor, a centrifuge that spins them in order to force the honey out of the comb, once the caps have been taken off.

GhanShyam Honey is a professionaly operated honey farm in the India. We get it using Natural Sources Of Honey, GhanShyam Honey is not only an excellent source of protein and minerals, but is also a great source of antioxidants. Our pure honey is the result of our natural and healthy process. We don't use any chemicals, additives or preservatives in our honey. We just harvest, process, and package our honey. And that is why we are one of the best forest honey exporter in india.