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Ghanshyam honey is one of the manufacturers and exporters of pure honey in India. The honey we are supplying is unheated unpasteurized and 100 % pure. Our honey is pure, organic, and natural it is not made in a factory or processed in any way. It is simply the purest honey available in the market.

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The pure honey facts- The organic pure honey produced by the bees in their bee hives. The flavor and texture of the honey depend on the type of honey bee and the flower they have been foraging. Pure honey is an age-old home remedy for coughs, allergies, sore throats, and upset stomachs. Honey also helps to heal wounds. Natural honey is made from the nectar of flowers, honey is a natural source of vitamins and minerals. It has been used for centuries to soothe the body and soul.

Suppliers of the best pure honey in India

We are supplying the best pure honey in India, made with traditional honey production methods and techniques. Proudly made in India brand, our natural forest honey is the perfect natural sweetener for our family. Made from the finest wildflower honey, our original forest honey is sure to please! The honey has a mild flavor that is delicious in tea, coffee, and other foods. Because of the honey nutrition facts, our organic honey is the perfect sweetener for your family.

Raw, pure, and unfiltered, Ghanshyam pure honey in India is a natural and delicious treat. Whether you want to use it in your tea or coffee, baking, or on your toast, our organic honey will enhance the taste of your food.

Honey Packaging at Ghanshyam Honey

Ghanshyam honey is one of the largest exporters of organic and premium quality honey with large production capabilities. The honey we are supplying is available in different sizes of packaging. The requirement can be varied, we supply honey for household uses and the food & beverage industry. We are fulfilling the needs of customers with the right packaging in the size. We are supplying the best pure honey in India available in glass bottle packaging which is safe and not harmful as plastic packaging. We offer honey in 1 kg, 500 gm, 200 gm, 100 gm, 50 gm, 20 gm, and 10 gm. If you want to try our honey you can purchase honey in 10 gm or 20 gm packaging.

Pure honey with a light taste sourced from a farm in Gujarat, India. This honey is made by bees that live in the wilderness and are fed by natural plants and flowers. We are keeping our bees in a wild close to nature providing them with the best care. The honey is not filtered or heated, so it retains its original color and flavor. This honey is harvested and is never processed. This is the pure honey in India available with a light taste that can be sweetened to your liking.

Ghanshyam Honey is a high quality, raw, and organic honey that is sourced from a small family-owned farm in Ahmedabad. The honey is raw and is made with traditional techniques and methods. The honey is never heated, making it more natural and with more health benefits.

Our 100% pure Indian honey is a clean, natural food that is packaged without using any chemicals or preservatives. We’re proud to source our 100% pure Indian honey from the highest-quality from local beekeepers.


Suhana Prajapati

Ghanshyam Honey is 100% natural, pure and delicious. It has become a must-have for my family and I love it so much! If you're looking for a high-quality, organic honey that won't break the bank then Ghanshyam Honey should be your go-to!

Raghuvir Jadeja

Since my first taste of Ghanshyam Honey, I haven't turned back. The flavor is so rich, and it's the perfect treat to enjoy with a cup of tea. I love that they use sustainable practices while harvesting and living off their land. Ghanshyam Honey is one of the best types of honey available on the market and their products are an absolute delight