All About Honey Export from India

  • 01 May,2023

According to common usage, honey is a naturally occurring sweetener made by honeybees and collected from plant nectar. Carbohydrates, water, nitrogenous compounds, and minerals are essential components of honey. ​​India is the 6th biggest producer of honey and Honey Production in India is around 3.5% of global production. Natural Honey Exporter In India like Ghanshyam Honey has been making strides in ​​Honey Export From India.


How much honey does India export each year?

During the last decade, Natural Honey Exporter In India experienced a growth rate of 6.5% per annum and increased from US$ 56.2 million to US$ 100.8 million. Major clients of Honey Exporters In India for Indian honey are in the USA, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Ghanshyam Honey is among the leading Honey Exporters In India. 


What Makes Natural Honey So Popular? 


With an anticipated CAGR of about 4.8%, the global honey industry is likely to grow from its current value of about US$ 8.4 billion to US$ 10.3 billion by 2025 giving Honey Exporters In India a new life for ​​Honey Export From India.

It is evident from the above-mentioned information that ​​Honey Export From India has seen a substantial increase and Honey Exporters In India like Ghanshyam Honey now are doing everything to give the best quality honey to the world. Rigorous quality checks are what make  Natural Honey Exporter In India popular worldwide.


Few reasons why Natural Honey is so Popular are:


  1. Natural honey has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant characteristics, it can heal burns and wounds, prevent infections, and ease cold and cough symptoms.
  2. Honey is also present in minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc. Considered a viable table sugar substitute is honey.
  3. As customers worldwide become more health conscious, they are gravitating more toward natural sweeteners and healthier options. The world market for honey is being stimulated by growing public awareness of its advantages.


A Bit of Information on honey 


  1. About 20 kilograms of honey can be produced annually by each beehive.
  2. 1 million flowers and 50,000 bee flights are needed to create 1 kg of honey, with 40 mg of nectar every bee flight (2g nectar = 1g honey).
  3. More than 300 different varieties of monofloral honey exist worldwide..
  4. Italy is the only nation in the world to produce more than 30 different types of honey, yet it also consumes the least amount of the sweet substance.
  5. The colour of honey can range from water white to dark brown or black.
  6. According to its intended use, honey is divided into food and drink, cosmetics, medications, and other items. Due to the rising demand for honey in food goods, the food & beverage segment dominates the market among them.
  7. One noteworthy aspect is that while honey is regarded as an effective immune booster, consumption of the substance increased significantly throughout the COVID period. During the forecast period, this market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.26 percent (2020-2025).



The unwavering passion for delivering genuinely natural honey is something that makes ​​Honey Export From India popular worldwide. Ghanshyam Honey is one leading Natural Honey Exporters In India with a proud heritage that can be traced back over a decade. We offer pure, unadulterated honey sourced from beekeepers in Gujarat. Our products are certified by an independent laboratory to ensure that they meet strict international food safety standards and provide superior quality for ​​Honey Export From India. This ensures customers can express satisfaction on every purchase they make. Additionally, Ghanshyam Honey operates in an ethical manner, protecting the environment by maintaining sustainable practices throughout their business cycle--from sourcing to manufacturing.