Bee Pollination Services

Bee pollination services offered by Ghanshyam Honey include the sale of commercial beehives as well as crop pollination in western India. Your field crops require expert pollination services from Ghanshyam Honey's bee professionals in order to achieve high yield crop numbers. With more than 20 years of experience in the bee pollination business,

Ghanshyam Honey is a reputable queen bee breeder with access to technological beekeeping advancements that other bee pollinating businesses do not. For your own pollination projects, we sell commercial beehives containing pollinating bees.

Hire A Bee Hive From Your Pollination Needs

We Provide Bee Pollination Services In Gujarat

To ensure that field crops receive the best possible percentage of pollination, we provide high-quality bee pollination services with unique expertise in bee box placement.

Pollinating bees, not workers, are present. The only function of our bees is pollination, not honey production.

We have more modern beekeeping equipment, such as a patented universal bee box, which makes it easier to supply and remove bee boxes from crop pollination regions quickly.

To easily place bee boxes on pallets for field deployment without disturbing your crops, we employ bobcats.

We provide pollinating bees in our commercial beehives for sale.









Bees are required to pollinate a variety of agricultural crops in order to produce field crops or seeds. Gujarat supplies seed crops for vegetables and flowers in exchange, and these crops need honey bee pollination. Your selected crop's pollination field will receive more consistent pollination from honey bees, and as a result, your crops will typically produce higher yields. We've been performing bee pollination services for crops and seed for a long time. To learn more about our expert service or our commercial beehives, contact Ghanshyam Honey.

My bees will be ready for pollinating orchards on May 1st. Half of my bees are already on implied contracts and will be placed as needed. About 20 hives are available for orchard pollination and they will also be availble for summer-long pollination needs. Orchard pollination is $60/hive, with a minimum of 3 hives. Summer rates are lower or as negotiated.

What All Bee Pollination Services Do We Provide?

Ghanshyam Honey is a beekeeping company that provides beekeeping services,We Provide:

  • Bee Hive Inspections
  • Bee Hive Replacements
  • Bee Hive Relocation
  • Bee Hive Removals
  • Bee Hive Set-Up