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Natural Honey

Raw, unprocessed honey straight from the hive. Perfect for all sorts of baking and sweetening needs.

organic honey

Made from honeybees that have pollinated organic plants, this honey is healthy and delicious. Our raw, unfiltered honey is 100% pure and raw, with no additives or preservatives.

Biography Safety

Our Honey is free from toxins. Our testing makes sure it is free from C. botulinum - Most commonly known for producing a dangerous neurotoxin,

years of since we provide honey successfully

Pure Honey in India

Ghanshyam Honey is a high-quality, raw, and organic honey that is sourced from a small family-owned farm in Ahmedabad. Ghanshyam honey is pioneered in honey production for many years. We are one of the major suppliers of pure honey in India. We process and supply top-quality premium, honey. Our vast experience in the field of beekeeping describes the high quality of knowledge in producing premium quality honey. Our team is not only focused on the quantity of honey production but on the quality of production. Our honey is raw and made with the traditional method the company maintains complete traceability for honey from the farm to match its quality with the trust of our customers.

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Special Feature of Ghanshyam Honey

  • Ghanshyam honey is 100% pure honey
  • Made with the traditional method
  • No artificial ingredients are added
  • The honey is raw and natural
  • The honey is unfiltered and organic
  • Our honey is free from toxins

Ghanshyam Honey is a high quality, raw, and organic honey that is sourced from a small family-owned farm in Ahmedabad. The honey is raw and is made with traditional techniques and methods. The honey is never heated, making it more natural and with more health benefits.

Honey is a sweet and tasty substance that can be consumed in a variety of ways. It is sourced from farms near Ahmedabad, the climate of this region is perfect for bees, which thrive on the flora that grow there. Ghanshyam Honey is a pure and natural product that has not been processed with any artificial ingredients.

Ghanshyam honey is the trendsetter in the honey market dealing in pure and unprocessed honey. We are the suppliers of premium and best honey in India. Ghanshyam honey is the leading supplier of honey and our natural honey is becoming part of the lifestyle of our customers.

People why choose our product

We are entrepreneurs having vast experience and hands-on knowledge for producing 100% best pure honey in India. We are a proudly made-in-India brand. Our 100% pure Indian honey is a clean, natural food that is packaged without using any chemicals or preservatives. Our honey is safe and matches the international safety standard. We produce and supply 100% pure and natural honey. We supply pure honey in India raw honey made with traditional methods and techniques. To make the honey more natural and with more benefits, the honey is never heated. Our natural forest honey is the ideal natural sweetener, safe and perfect for all your family members. Made from the finest wildflower honey, our original forest honey is sure to please! The honey we supply is pure honey in India and it has a mild light flavor that enhances the taste of beverages and other foods.

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